Aug 19, 2009

New Amenities for the Greenlake Guest House

It’s always fun to go shopping for the B&B! When we opened our inn 5 years ago, we decided to put 20 inch TV/DVD’s in each of the guest rooms, and to invest in a great movie collection. We had wanted to upgrade our guest rooms with some larger, flat screen TV’s for awhile, but couldn’t decide which ones to choose. A few weeks ago, we finally purchased 4 new 32 inch Samsung flat screens, and 4 new DVD players. We are very pleased with the quality of the picture and like the more streamlined, less bulky appearance of the new TV’s.

On that same weekend, we also purchased several more portable air conditioning units, one for each of the guest rooms, and another for our common area. Although Seattle usually has a very moderate climate, we like knowing that our guests will have A/C available if they want it for those occasional hot days.