Oct 3, 2009

New Landscaping at the Greenlake Guest House

With the arrival of cooler fall weather, we have taken the opportunity to do some landscaping work at the Greenlake Guest House.

First was replacing the cracked, 80 year old concrete walkway above the front steps, and doing some repair work to those 80 year old stairs.

Next, we hired Jim and his crew at Landscape Professionals to help us give the front landscaping a bit more curb appeal. Jim designed a great plan for us using some of the shrubs we already have, and adding a sitting area for our guests in the front. He also suggested adding automatic sprinklers and trees to the parking strip to keep it pretty and green all year around. We removed a few shrubs and trees that were oversized for their space.

Last week the crew spent 3 days here and installed the new sprinklers, new grass and red maple trees on the parking strip, as well as a coral bark maple near our property line. The progress was so fast, we felt like we were watching an episode of a home improvement show like “Total House Makeover!” We are excited for next week, when they will add the new plantings around the foundation of the house, as well as some additional plantings and sprinklers for the back!


  1. Well the newly installed sprinklers helped out to grow the plants more easily.

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