Jul 23, 2009

Mexican comfort food at Rosita's Restaurant on Greenlake

Last night we were tired and too hot to cook, so we walked over to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Rosita’s, http://www.rositasrestaurant.com around 9pm. We go there so often that they know us well, and I think we have memorized the menu!
It’s a cozy place with homemade, warm tortillas, friendly staff, and great margaritas! We often bump into our neighbors there. Blayne ordered his “usual”, a quesadilla with shredded beef, and I tried something new, an avocado tostada. The tostada was fine, but I think I’ll go back to my good ol’ vegetarian chimichanga next time! I’m also quite addicted to their special green salsa. It’s nice to know Rosita’s is there for us when we need a hit of some Mexican comfort food! They have great happy hour specials, too.

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